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Quality control at UK Essays

We know that when you order a custom piece of work you expect perfection. The truth is, unfortunately, that most companies don’t always live up to their promises and enticing guarantees. In fact, under UK law, a guarantee doesn’t even mean your order will be problem-free; it simply means that if something goes wrong, the company will repair or replace goods that don’t meet the standard agreed. When it comes to a custom essay, however, getting the work corrected or your money back just isn’t enough; it’s all about getting things right first time.

Getting things right first time

UK Essays is committed to only ever delivering the best work

Here at UK Essays, our success has been built on the quality of the work that we deliver. We’ve been operating since 2003 and our experience has taught us that, ultimately, getting your work completed to the quality you expect on time is what you really want. Whilst this might not sound like much, it does takes a lot of hard work to deliver.

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How your work is checked

Every single order goes through rigorous quality control and is checked against your instructions and academic standards by qualified professionals. We take the time with each order to complete a comprehensive quality report, which we release to you upon completion of your order.

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How we hired your writer

We insist that the writer who works for you must have studied in the same country where you are studying. This means that, if you’re studying in London, then you’ll only ever have a writer who studied in the UK completing your work. In depth, hands-on knowledge of a country’s academic system is essential in the completion of your work, so even if someone got a 1st from Cambridge, we won’t trust them to complete an Undergraduate B grade order for a student at the University of Melbourne.

Researcher recruitment

We build on our success

We’re happy and proud of the quality of work we deliver but it’s only from learning from past mistakes that we got to where we are today. We still cultivate the feedback culture that has brought us our success and ask for feedback from you on every single piece of work that you receive. Even now we still deliver small changes based upon customer feedback.

Fast resolutions

Sometimes things go wrong – it’s bound to happen when you deliver such a tailored product. Here at UK Essays, however, we’ve dedicated additional resources to ensuring that, when things go wrong, we resolve them promptly and, in the vast majority of cases, this occurs before you even see the work. Our dedicated Quality Control team has now been expanded to include a team of specialist amendments staff. This team works to ensure every order is delivered to our high quality expectations.

Our guarantees

The guarantees are the foundation of our service. We are so confident in our quality control that we guarantee to deliver every order on time, to the standard ordered and plagiarism-free. If we don’t keep our guarantees then we’ll provide you with a full refund.

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Unique system

In the early days we relied on forms and paper to keep track of your orders – we now have a fully customised order and account management system. This allows us to keep track of your order, chase it promptly and communicate with you effectively. We’ve dedicated almost 8,000 days of programmer’s time coding our system to ensure you get exactly what you expect when it comes to your order’s due date.

Researcher recruitment

This is what we look for in a UK Essays writer

A group of researchers

Undergraduate 2:1 qualification and above

All of our writers hold at least an undergraduate 2:1 standard degree, with the greater number of them holding master’s level qualifications. We always assign a writer qualified at or above the grade you ordered, so if you order a masters Distinction, you don’t need to worry about your writer’s expertise – you’ll get a master’s Distinction or PhD qualified writer for your order.

Valid personal documents and contact details

When recruiting our writers, we’re very careful to make sure that they are who they say they are. We check the documents we receive against a photo ID of the individual and a recent utility bill to ensure they are exactly who they say they are and truly hold the correct qualifications. Alongside this, we expect correct contact details and we call new writers before providing them with work. Fraudsters providing fake documents in order to obtain freelance writing work is common due to our attractive rates (especially in India, Kenya and China), so we train our team to make sure such fraudsters never get onto our books.

History of high quality writing

Whether or not our writers realise it, they are all tested to guarantee the quality of their academic writing and attention to detail. We check the quality of writing in everything we receive from potential writers, all the way down to a thorough proofreading of their application itself. New researchers are provided with trial work to ensure they meet our high standards and only then are they allowed to apply openly for work without restriction.


We believe in total transparency when it comes to our quality processes

Unlike some of our competitors, we’re very transparent about the recruitment of our writers. We don’t make any ridiculous claims, such as all of our writers being from the University of Oxford or Cambridge University. Instead, we ensure that your writer is always qualified at or above the level you have ordered; we check that they are who they say they are; and, finally, we ensure that they are capable of delivering the level of work we expect through appropriate testing during the recruitment process.

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The Quality Control Process at UK Essays

Learn more about how we maintain the quality of our work

If you’re concerned about the quality of work you may receive from a custom writing service, then you’ll be reassured to hear that we’re completely transparent about our quality control process. We maintain a large internal team of quality control staff as well as making use of external specialists to ensure your work is checked by a subject-specific academic expert.

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The quality control process involves the following series of checks

  • 1. We check the work against your instructions – a great piece of work doesn’t matter if it doesn’t meet your requirements. We check your work against the requirements you provide.
  • 2. We check the basics (length, spelling and grammar) – starting right from the beginning. We look at the obvious things and ensure your essay is the correct length and that the spelling and grammar meet the highest standards.
  • 3. We look for stylistic perfection (structure, presentation, flow and signposting). If your assignment asked for a report, then the structure is crucial, as a report delivered as an essay would result in a fail. The flow and presentation of an essay also contribute dramatically to the grade you receive. Technical accuracy can easily be overshadowed by poor presentation, so we check presentation and flow thoroughly to ensure your work is displayed in the best way possible. Signposting is also a vital skill in producing academic work, as it tells the reader about the context of your essay rather than just the content (for example, making the reader aware of what the essay explores or leading into the arguments that are about to follow).
  • 4. We validate reference style, accuracy and quality. The referencing style used is an essential requirement of your university but, as well as verifying the stylistic accuracy, we also check the quality of the sources used. This involves checking each source to ensure it’s the most relevant and up-to-date source available. We also check there are enough references in the work and that there is the expected variety of sources, including sources from journals, books, newspapers and all other relevant sources where appropriate.
  • 5. We check for appropriate focus, critical analysis and technical accuracy. The quality of your essay ultimately comes down to subject-specific content and the technical accuracy of your work. Often, work drops in standard due to being descriptive rather than critical. We ensure the work we produce fully evaluates the arguments and evidence available, presents a balanced view of other writers’ conclusions as well as including a unique conclusion of its own, and provides a view of the limitations of the research that has been completed.
  • 6. We take everything into consideration to ensure the essay makes the grade – when it comes down to it, the most important thing is the final grade of the work we produce. Taking a balanced view of all of the previous aspects we’ve discussed, we carefully grade the essay and ensure that the standard of the work meets the grade you ordered.